Last week, I got the WordPress Theme for making review from Themify All Themes called ‘Grido’. It is interesting because it matches to the varities blog, its design is clean and nice.

Not only frontend but also the backend set up page and support forum which almost get the response within a day.

However, as it is the review, then I should not make it as the advertisement, let’s start from the backend. Once I install the theme, I got additional menu in dashboard name Grido, which allows me to upload the icon, set up the feed, etc. which is normally found in every theme in market.

Next, let’s see the easy configuration for display layout. This theme allows to display the post in 2,3 or 4 columns and it not only column but the box are arranged attractively, space between post to post is suitable. The configuration is easy, I have option to choose how I like to display the archive, single post and single page. I like it.

When I add the new post or edit the post, I can make that single post difference from the default, many options are available e.g. make the post background, feature image (specific width and height), option to hide/show the meta, etc. Better to check it out in the Themify – Grido by yourself because there are more features which I not show it here, e.g. the shortcode, meta, widget because it is normal features of the professional theme in the market. There is another thing I like is the featured image and attachement display.

If you ask what I don’t like. Yes, I have some, for example I don’t like the automatic layout when I open the website from mobile device because it differs the layout in another way (even it look easy to read by I personally don’t like it especially when I read the single post from iphone). And also there is and overlap of some box as picture below.


There are some other small items I don’t like – The mobile view takes time to go back to top page unless you reach the footer. It should have some floating icons to reach the top page. – The Author menus is align on right, not nice to have it align on the right because very short menus (dashboard, profile, logout, etc.). – Conflict with image class, I have to remove image class=”aligncenter side-full…..” this from my post otherwise I can’t display 2 pictures the same row.

Themify WordPress Themes

Themify WordPress Themes

In summary, I like this theme, its design has more value compare to some small disadvantage. However I still hope that will bring more features to this theme same as other newest themes in their port.

I hope all items I don’t like will be upgraded, allows me to choose whether I use the default or configure by my own.

Also, if I am allowed to suggest more features, I would like to request following

  • Display featured image in % or pixel, now it provides only pixel, it will be good in case I config categories page as 4 columns and Tag base archive page as 2 columns
  • Set up for mobile view and desktop view possibility. So I can make short sidebar while read from iphone and make regular sidebar in case of read from notebook
  • Floating navigator bar (only top and bottom arrow should be enough)
  • Facebook and Twitter Fanpage shortcode and Like icon same as Pinboard theme
  • Custom word count number for excerpt truncation
  • Adsense shortcode in the archive page, this will help me find money buy more theme

If I have above features, I think I will stay permanently with this theme for this website for long long time.